universal cross-country vehicle.

Starting from $ 13,500



- Go beyond limits

- Keep active and cannot imagine their lives without drive and speed

- Value quality, reliability and comfort

- Stand out for their vibrant personality

- Ready for experiments.


Jetter hovercrafts have been developed for people who value reliability, quality and individuality. Having a wide range of applications, from river trips and extreme adventures to cargo transportations, Jetter makes it possible for you to be on-the-go with no regard to seasons and weather conditions.


Being moved by air blown below the hull, Jetter is suitable for nearly any surface and is at home on water, swamp, ice, hummocks, sand or snow. It can handle uphill gradients and low obstacles. With this great looking hovercraft, you will always stand out.


Jetter’s impressive performance, high-tech engineering, and cutting-edge design is a great choice for strong and confident people.

Technical Features

Dry Weight – app. 330 kg

Loaded weight – up to 550 kg

Passengers – 2 people

Engine – 50 hp

Fuel / Capacity – 40 litres

Fuel Economy – 12 litres/hour

Range (in up to 5 m/s winds) – up to 180 km

Speed on water in up to 5 m/s winds:

- Cruising speed – at least 60 km/h

- Maximum speed – at least 65 km/h

- Speed on ice and surface with snow – 75 km/h


Outdoor operation at temperatures from -30ºС to +40ºС


Experience its maneuverability and power, feel the drive and speed, enjoy the ease of driving, and get an unforgettable experience!


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 Jetter — a novelty in the world of transport. It attracts the attention not only due to its unusual appearance, but, first of all, technical capabilities.


 The compact design and ergonomic design allow the Yetter to move even in very limited conditions, overcoming obstacles and climbs.

Customized design

 Jetter appearance can be the embodiment of your character and lifestyle


 With optimal weight and sophisticated design, Jetter delivers impressive speed performance

New experience

 On board of Jetter you do not ride or navigate, but literally soar, getting a new driving experience and an unforgettable experience!


 Jetter uses only high-quality materials that have passed all the necessary tests for strength and durability

Flexible approach

 Based on the purposes of using Jetter and personal wishes of the customer, changes to the configuration of the base model are possible


Areas of applications

 Jetter has a wide range of advantages. It introduces a universal all-weather boat:



Jetter reflects your exceptional personality!

Production flexibility and a personal approach are among Jetter’s key principles. Given application purposes, the basic model can be changed and upgraded. When manufacturing your personal hovercraft, we will take into account all your wishes and modify the design as you like. Your Jetter will become a bright embodiment of your character!

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